About us

Welcome to the Association of Upper GI Surgeons trainees (AUGISt).

AUGISt aims to represent the views of trainees in all branches of upper gastrointestinal surgery (oesophagogastric, hepatobiliary, pancreatic and bariatric). Membership of AUGISt is automatic on joining AUGIS as a trainee member.

One of the main events in the AUGISt year is the Training Day which generally precedes our September meeting.

Recent highlights from Training Days have included being tutored on bile duct injuries by Professor Steven Strasberg, debating the complexities of oesophageal resection with Dr Don Low and discussing chemotherapeutic manipulation of colorectal liver metastases with Professor Gunnar Folprecht. The Training Day is followed by the Annual AUGISt Barrett’s Dinner, an industry-sponsored evening for members.

AUGISt members are encouraged to enter the AUGIS Travel Fellowships programme. There are up to five awards of £2,000 available. The awards are a fantastic opportunity for trainees to visit units abroad to observe and study, although they may also be given for applicants intending to present at overseas meetings. Successful applicants must produce a comprehensive report, including photographs, which will be featured in the AUGIS newsletter and put on the website.

AUGISt has continued to developed new educational opportunities for trainees in upper GI surgery. We support the annual ASiT-AUGIS prize for the best upper GI abstract presented at the ASiT Annual Meeting, and are engaged with the Surgical Oncology Trainees Association (SOTA), part of the British Association of Surgical Oncology (BASO).