BSG/JAG Representative

Adam Peckham-Cooper

I am very excited to be part of the inaugural interim committee for the Roux Group. The re-launch of the AUGIS affiliated trainee group has been borne out of some exceptionally hard work and drive from members of this committee and I am pleased to have played just a very  small part in that. I genuinely believe this is a positive step in the right direction for all upper GI trainees and long overdue.

For my part, I have been involved in medical politics and representation for a number of years through various organisations including ASiT, ALSGBI and the GMC. I am now in my final year of training as an Upper GI surgeon and can honestly say I have loved every minute of it and broadly speaking had a fantastic experience. That said there will always be scope for improvement and a unified voice representing upper GI trainees is vital in order to develop and improve training and research opportunities for future sub speciality trainees.

Endoscopy training specifically in many areas continues to be a challenge with a number of conflicting issues.  Having gone through and completed the process of JAG accreditation only recently I understand many of these personally. Diagnostic and increasingly therapeutic endoscopy is a vital skill for both Upper GI and HPB trainees to acquire within their training. In my role as BSG/JAG rep I promise to fight for many of the issues that so commonly arise and together we can strive to improve the system for everyone now and in the future.