Course Report – Belfast “Fundamental Skills in Laparoscopic Surgery” June 27, 2013

This course was organised by AUGISt Irish rep Jawad Ahmad and had both the AUGIS and Northern Ireland School of Surgery’s full endorsement. The course was completely free and was set up with the kind and generous sponsorship of Ethicon. Delegates had the opportunity to practice laparoscopic skills on state of the art Lap Simulators and realistic Latex models. Belfast-Course-Report-Picture-3

Mr M Taylor (AUGIS Irish Rep) welcomed ten delegates at Northern Ireland Medical and Dental Training Agency in Belfast and introduced the faculty and the programme for the day.

Mr L McKie (Consultant Surgeon) discussed the indications and technical tips for laparoscopic appendicectomy. This was followed by a warm up session on Lap Simulators and later Lap appendicectomy on Latex models that bleed and leak in case of damage. Mrs A Snook (MATTU) then discussed the principals of Laparoscopic Suturing and took the trainees through Lap suturing on Lap trainers.

After lunch, Mr J Ahmad (ST7 Surgery) discussed how to perform a safe Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy which was followed by warm up on Lap simulators and dissection on realistic latex models. In the final session, Mrs G Sloan (Ethicon) presented introduction to the range of laparoscopic staplers and delegates were able to gain hands on experience of safe and effective firing of staplers.


Mr G Kirk (Consultant Surgeon), Miss J Scoffield (Consultant Surgeon), Mr B Dasari (ST7 Surgery) and Mr R Kennedy (ST7 Surgery) were also on the faculty and supervised the course delegates closely. Mrs A McMullan and Mr A Appleby from Ethicon were present throughout the day and guided delegates on the use of Lap simulators.

The course has received excellent feedback as all the delegates found it extremely useful and that they would recommend it to a colleague.

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