President’s Message

Looking ahead to Cork 

Matt Mason

As summer rolls on we all start to think more about the Annual Scientific meeting in Cork in September. It will be another great meeting with plenty of opportunities for trainees to contribute. The meeting this year, unfortunately, does not have the usual training day beforehand, this will return in 2018. Don’t be put off by the lack of a training day as the meeting itself will be packed and hugely informative.

I would like to offer thanks to those who filled in the survey regarding training and where the association should target its resources. You made it very clear that you wish to keep training specifically for Upper GI topics and not combine with other specialities. The survey also highlighted that trainees feel well trained within their own branch of Upper GI surgery but less well versed outside it. As such the focus of training events will reflect the needs of members that were passed on in the survey.

You may be aware that there are plans for significant changes to higher surgical training coming, driven by the Shape of Training review. Also, proposed changes to the curriculum to generate “Emergency Surgeons” along with pressure being brought to bear on Fellowships with a view to making them mandatory for some subspecialties and regulating them more formally. I have been working through ASiT, as the AUGISt member on the council, to represent the interests of Upper GI trainees both present and future. I would appreciate your views on the proposed changes so please pass them on.

Matt Mason
President, AUGISt