Using Social Media


Making the most of Twitter

Twitter is a fast, real-time way to put messages out to our existing ‘followers’ and to attract new followers. Tweets have a maximum of 140 characters but can include website links, photos and videos.

Twitter lets you to read the latest news about subjects which are work-related. It’s like receiving a newspaper whose headlines you’ll always find interesting – discover news as it’s happening and learn more about HPB topics which are important to you.

Twitter is free and AUGISt has a Twitter account which we use to network across the HPB community and to engage new people in our work.

Our Twitter handle is @AUGIST_UK  join us!

To create a Twitter account simply go to

Making the most of Twitter

Tweet in a pleasant conversational tone. Strive for an approachable communication style and avoid jargon.

Ask questions.

Make it shareable. Use helpful, newsworthy or inspiring content. When you write a Tweet, imagine how your followers will use it. How will it help them? Every Tweet should have a purpose.

Be a follower. Look for businesses you love, public service accounts, people you know or news sources you read. One way to find interesting accounts is check who those you know or admire are following.

Find interesting accounts. Click ‘Discover’ at the top of your Twitter page as a search tool.

On the go: Twitter is portable. Connect your account to your mobile phone or download a Twitter application. Using Twitter via SMS allows you to pick and choose which updates you want from those you follow, so you can get mobile updates from the accounts that matter most when you are on the go.